My Commitment to You

This is my very first website!!! I’m attempting to bring information to each of you because my life has been changed by following ketogenic principles. My promise to you is that I will never advertise a product that I have not either personally used or researched extensively. For me it is about providing information to you that will assist you in making a decision about adopting a new eating lifestyle in your senior years.

I am a senior myself, and I have no desire to promote products to just make money off you. Recommending products will be reserved for those I’ve found useful in my own ketogenic journey.

It’s your choice-
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Keto Living for Seniors

Welcome to my site about keto living for seniors. I hope to help you along your way to living healthier, and in deciding how to live in the real world with practical ways of consuming low carbs and high fats in your diet.


Redemption? Motivation? Rebirth?

I am not special or unusual. If I can stay motivated and on track, there is no doubt that anyone can do it, too! I feel so much better, healthier, and focused. Each of you can learn from my misadventures and the things I’ve gotten right in this journey.

If any of you are just beginning this way of living, please share your feelings and questions. We can all learn from each other, and maybe laugh along the way…


Adopting a keto lifestyle is motivating. Taking control of your health is invigorating. Having success with it is life changing!

Many of us have dieted most of our lives and felt deprived, frustrated, and depressed. Me, too! Finding a solution to eating well so that you don’t feel hungry or on a “‘yo yo'” can lead to real progress physically and emotionally.

So I am willing to share my experience and to recommend and research products that may work for you…as some have for me.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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Keto Living for Seniors-it’s not for sissies!

Although I’ve read a ton of background material in preparation for starting this website I have to start by saying that the ketogenic diet is not, in my opinion, a “fad.” Rather, it is a lifestyle change that should be adopted by folks who have found other changes to have been unsatisfying for them. Those of us who are “of a certain age” feel that we’ve been “through the mill” with diets for most of our lives. Most of the time, the results have been frustration, dissatisfaction, and depression. These “diets” have not been sustainable for any number of reasons, including the cost of “specialized” food, a lack of commitment, or rigidity of the program followed.

Oh, no-not another 5 pounds!This website is not for those looking for a “quick fix” to what they see as their problems. It’s for seniors who want to adopt a new lifestyle based on eating “clean” foods that will promote good health and a sustainable approach to consumption.

Why Target Seniors?

Currently the United States has about 49 million folks who are 65 or older, with projections estimating that number to grow to 98 million by the year 2060, according to the Administration on Aging. And, on average, a 65-year old can expect to live another 19 years! Which, of course, is great news-except…

Most seniors dread the thought of losing independence due to chronic conditions

Older adults are disproportionately affected by chronic conditions. 80% of us have at least one of these, while 70% of those on Medicare have two or more. The top six leading causes of death among seniors are heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, stroke, Altzheimer’s, and diabetes.

For most older adults good health ensures independence, security, and the ability to access their communities. So, it’s important for us to develop long term approaches to eating that support a lifestyle that can sustain us for years to come. By doing this, hopefully we can live at home longer and also live healthy, fulfilling lives.

My immediate family history goes something like this: my dad had high blood pressure, and, then, Alzheimer’s Disease. He died at age 76. My mother had middle age onset diabetes and passed away at 80 of an apparent heart attack. She struggled with her weight as long as I can remember, going on diets and even seeing what she termed “the fat doctor” for several months. My sister is 71 and has hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, and is overweight. I am 65 and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2017 and I have high blood pressure and arthritis. So, long story short, all the women in our family were, or are, overweight or obese.

This website is geared towards this population of seniors who, like everyone in my family, has struggled to make progress against obesity.

Being obese is bad enough, but the accompanying problems make it worse. Trying to fit into jeans that are not pull-ups. dealing with heat rash under breasts or below bellies. Sweating. Not being able to walk comfortably for any distance without breathing heavily. Feeling depressed and hopeless. Feeling that things will never be any different-

How Do I Get Started on Keto?

  1. Watch “The Magic Pill” documentary. I found it on Netflix. Listen to its arguments and decide if you want to try a lifestyle like the ones pictured on the film.
The “Magic Pill” video explains the history of our eating patterns
  1. Visit your physician and get his input. Go over your current diagnoses, medications, etc. Ask about possible supplements you may need to take while eating the keto way. Ask the doctor to help you in your journey with recommendations. Discuss the “keto flu” with him, including strategies for dealing with the lack of energy you may experience when beginning your process. Go ahead and begin taking any supplements recommended.
Before making any big changes, consult your physician
  1. Research the material available on the ketogenic lifestyle, including portion size, recommended foods, and the “no eat” list. Simply put, you can eat green vegetables that grow above the ground. You may not eat root vegetables, such as potatoes, corn, & carrots. Focus on the foods that you can eat-not on what you think you are “giving up.” The way I have dealt with this issue is that I’ve decided in my mind that I am “allergic” to the “no eat” foods, i.e., they are bad for me and will eventually make me “sick.”
  2. Buy you a “keto starting package” of staples and foods you can eat. I’m no expert, but these are the items I recommend you purchase: pasture-raised organic eggs (here in the South I pay about $5-6 for them), uncured sugar free bacon (available at most grocery stores), heavy cream, either guacamole or avocados, celery, onions, almond butter, Himalayan salt, coffee, mayonnaise, walnuts and almonds, ground beef (doesn’t have to be lean), chicken (antibiotic-free), unsweetened shredded coconut, ghee (butter), unrefined coconut oil, cacao powder, Swerve, broccoli (fresh or frozen), cauliflower (fresh or frozen), steak (if you like it), cheese (I get Kraft), romaine lettuce, cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries, and coconut milk, if you feel you have to have it. The rule of thumb is to buy perishable food more often than non-perishable, antibiotic-free meats, and no “lite” products-you want the fat in your diet.
  3. Download the “Carb Manager” app, or any other one you like that tracks “macros.” This keeps up with  the number of grams of fat, protein, and carbs you consume daily. If you input your weight, etc. in the “my measurements” section, it will calculate how many calories you need to eat daily. There is a “pro” version that has a fee, but I’ve been using the free version for five months now, and it does a good job for me. Try not to get so “caught up” that you lose sight of just living your life.
Downloading an app to track carbs is essential to success in living a keto lifestyle!
  1. Try eating keto for seven days. There are about a million recipes online. Try some that sound good to you. I’m not really concerned with those right now-it’s too early in the process. I usually eat scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon for breakfast and have coffee with heavy cream. For lunch I often have chicken salad and an avocado or guacamole. I look at my Carb Manager app during the day and eat supper that is based on how my macros are doing that day. If you have difficulty getting enough fat in your day at first, look up a recipe for four ingredient “fat bombs.” These can help you catch up your fat content. Fat bombs are usually a little sweet and can be used as a treat, as well. Common ingredients for them are cacao powder, coconut oil, nut butter, and sweetener.

Stop and Assess

So, you’ve made it a week!!!!! Congrats! But, now what?

Sit down and consider. How do you feel? Are you hungry? What do you like about this lifestyle and what do you need to adjust? What foods do you miss? Be honest.

If you do not feel well at this point, look at your Carb Manager and see how many diabetic carbs you’ve been eating on average every day. If this number is 20-25, contact your doctor and ask him if you should increase them a bit for a limited amount of time. Research any areas in which you have concerns. Having leg cramps? Are you hydrating? Are you trying to exercise during the first week or so? Maybe you should wait and add this component later. You want to get started in this lifestyle, but take your time and go slowly. It may take you a month or six weeks to feel good. Want to adjust something you are eating? Try a protein drink for breakfast instead of eggs? Anything goes, as long as it meets your food parameters.

Much of the material I’ve read online seems to be from a “purist’s” viewpoint. By that I mean that there seems to be people who believe you must prepare all your food yourself and the ingredients have to be organic, etc. I’ve got news for those folks-we all do the best we can with what we have access to and what we can afford. Don’t nitpick too much right now. Just stay the course. If you, like most seniors, have chronic conditions, you may not be able to fix all your own food every day. I know I don’t. So, you know what I do? I go to Chicken Salad Chik and eat Buffalo Barclay chicken salad, or to a hamburger joint and eat a burger without the bun, or I get a grilled chicken breast and salad somewhere. Be kind to yourself, and have a good time! Don’t stop going out with friends because you can’t eat what they eat. Adjust!!!

If you are surviving ok after week 1, go for another week. Repeat your process after week 2. And, if you have to, weigh. But try to weigh at the same location each time for consistency. I drop in at my doctor’s office and weigh.

What of I Just Can’t Prepare my Own Food?

If you are a person who just can’t go this “self help” route, you still have options for going keto. Multiple companies offer meal plan kits and some even break down your choices into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert categories.  Vicki and Rami can get you set up if you decide to go that route- at

Comments? I’m glad to read your comments, suggestions, questions, or personal stories! Contact me at


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