6 to 9 Months on Keto- Expectations

Currently I am almost seven months into my ketogenic journey, and I am finding it more difficult to stay focused on my plan. Chalk it up to a little boredom, but I’ve lost my “edge” during this quarter. Still, I’ve stuck to my macros…and even added some regular walking of 30 minutes, 3-4 times weekly.

On Monday I will weigh for my eight month anniversary, so maybe I will be pulled out of my doldrums then.

So, I’ve continued to lose weight at a clip of 2-3 lbs. a month, and I’ve begun to vary my eating by using new recipes I’ve found online and on Pinterest. I don’t know what I expected during this period, but what I’ve found is that, if I just continuing conscientious eating and hitting macros, I lose weight and feel good. The first flush of success is over, but my journey continues and I am happy with my progress.

I follow some blogs on Facebook and I enjoy the sense of “community” it gives me. At the same time, I am struck by how strange our culture is in that many folks seem to expect to start keto and lose massive weight overnight. This is a skewed and unhealthy approach. Tortoise and the hare, you know?