About Me

Well, let’s see-

I was born in the deep South-in Alabama-and I have been battling weight issues most of my adult life. While in college I played multiple sports, including intercollegiate badminton and volleyball, and remained very active. But, as the old story goes, when I graduated and got a “real job,” my activity level decreased, and I found myself gradually gaining weight year after year. By the time I reached my pre-menopause years I was 30-40 pounds over weight and inactive.

By the time I reached my 60’s I had an elevated A1C level, high blood pressure, arthritis, and weighed well over two hundred pounds.

About five months ago, my nephew’s wife Lisa encouraged me to watch “The Magic Pill” documentary on Netflix, and to really consider my eating patterns. So, I did-what did I have to lose?

After watching the documentary I began researching the ketogenic diet as best I could, enlisting information on blogs and third hand conversations, as well as reading all I could find online. I started eating keto, and, although it was “hit” or “miss” at first, I have now lost 27 pounds over the past five months.

Website Dedication

I dedicate this site to my Mother, who struggled with weight issues most of her life. RIP, Mer…