Keto Living-3-6 Months Expectations and Advice

So, you’ve made it for 90 daysCongratulations!


If you have been faithfully following your macro percentages, etc., you have now lost some pounds-likely between 10-25, although every journey is an individual one. Looking back at my carb manager, I lost right at 18 pounds my first ninety days.

Following several different blogs and website posts, I often see people saying how well they are doing and that they want to add a “cheat day” to their regimen. I do not recommend this strategy.  It’s the consistency and discipline that got you this far.  Don’t screw it up-

By now you probably have a good idea of favorite meals and “go to” combinations. There is no reason to change these up if you are not bored with them and you are, again, meeting your macro percentages. Be content with your success. Don’t let yourself become dissatisfied with your pace of weight loss by psyching yourself out looking at others’ success.

If you are getting bored with your eating pattern, I encourage you to continue researching the ketogenic lifestyle by reading, watching videos of new food ideas, and by developing  outside hobbies to augment your lifestyle.Trying new things and expanding your horizons do wonders for your mental state and can greatly enrich your existence. Why not plant a few flowers or adopt a pet or donate to a local food bank? Why not become immersed in doing something for someone else, while you are improving your own life?

If you continue to hit your macros consistently you should be able to lose as many pounds during months three through six as you did during months one through three. The key is to be content with your everyday efforts, and not over think yourself. Be less egocentric.

And, continue to assess your situation. Listen to your body. Do you still feel good? Any dizzy spells? Are you taking your vitamins faithfully? Drinking plenty of liquids? And, a big one-sleeping enough? If so, ramp up your activity if there is something you enjoy doing routinely. Become involved in a blog or two and provide input for people starting a keto lifestyle or ask for advice about your own issues.

Our society is one in which many of us expect instant success. Most of us older folks were not raised thinking that way, however.  We were taught to “work our ways up” by plugging along and doing a good job where we were currently, and to hope for opportunities to “move up” at some point. There is definitely something to be said for incremental success via the work ethic. Ketogenic living is not based on losing massive amounts of weight in three months. It is based on taking care of your body and nourishing it with good food raised as close to the earth as possible.

Of course, there are individuals who lose a massive number of pounds using the keto diet, but these folks are usually massively overweight to begin with. And, usually, they do not lose all their weight in three months. And, for the most part, they do not develop keto living as a long term lifestyle. My point is that keto living is a process, not a get skinny quick affair.

So, take the time to enjoy the journey. At some point you will begin to notice your skin stretching and it would be a good idea to commence weight training or to begin some form of exercise. You want to have the energy to complete your daily routines and to do the things important to you.

Please feel free to leave comments or to ask questions about any of this content. I appreciate hearing from you!