Keto Living-Months 7-9

I’ve completed month 7 of following a ketogenic lifestyle, and this is where I am: 33 pounds lost and 4 pant sizes down. My satisfaction level is high with my progress.

In month 8 I’m going to begin walking somewhat regularly and see if this change jump starts more weight loss. My goal will be to walk at least 30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. Up to this point exercise has not been on my agenda. I’ve just stayed within my macros and been very faithful to the lifestyle. Plus, for the first couple of months on keto, I did not feel well, so I’ve given myself time to get used to all the changes.

In the blogs I’ve been reading with folks just starting the keto lifestyle I’ve been concerned that people seen to believe this eating style will enable them to drop a lot of weight quickly. That concerns me a little.  I see keto as a way of life and, therefore, not something to jump on and expect miracles. The approach I take if more that of a “tortoise.” Slow and steady. I attempt to listen to my body. Right now I have no weight goal I’m pursuing.  I figure my body will automatically know when it weighs its “correct” amount.

People on the blogs also seem to be intent on finding “products” that will accelerate weight loss. Depending upon a “product” is not helpful in the long run. There is no magic bullet…only consistent adherence to what you are consuming and monitoring yourself with your Carb Manager or other tool. I freely admit that I become bored with process, but that is my shortcoming, not that of the keto lifestyle.