Review of Keto Products in General

There are beaucoups of keto products on the market right now, and I will begin reviewing them shortly…but before that I want to caution everyone about one thing…a product doesn’t have to be super expensive to work for you. And, spending lots of money on something doesn’t prove your dedication to the “cause” or guarantee you success in your endeavor-

The rule of thumb is that  “pure” is better. Less “processed” is better. An item that has the least number of ingredients in it is “better,” as long as those ingredients are keto friendly. Products you prepare at home are great because you personally know and trust what you’ve put into them, and that’s “better.”

Living in the real world is difficult. Few of us have ideal lives. As I’ve said before, we do the best we can with what we have. We become educated as we research, talk with other people, and test out our own theories in keto living. Blogs are very valuable in helping us learn from the experiences of others. Often they provide practical answers to issues we face.

I readily confess that my journey is not “pure.” Often I depend on products from Diabetic Kitchen to survive wanting to eat muffins, donuts, and pancakes. But, the one thing I don’t mess with is my daily diabetic carb count, which is 20-25 grams. I will celebrate six months on keto tomorrow (February 2019) and I have rarely strayed from my count (even on a New England fall cruise last November). It is vitally important that you stay consistent on this journey. Be accountable to yourself…

So, what are the best keto friendly products I’ve found so far?

As far as supplements go, I take a smattering of them, but strictly aimed at my keto goals I take the following: magnesium, potassium, fish oil, & salt. These are considered the essential “ketone salts.” I do not take any particular brands as yet. And, yes, I take them on a daily basis.

The highest rated combination supplement I have found is one I cannot afford. Its brand is “Approved Science” and is recommended by Sally Harper, who has a B.S. in nutrition and an M.S. in Obesity Science and Management. At about $50 a bottle, or three for $96, this product is too rich for my blood. It does, however, meet rather stringent requirements in its amounts of exogenous ketones, ketone salts, MCT oil, & bioperine.

If you are a person who is into supplements, just make sure the product is monitored by a third party, has a 100% money back guarantee, and has a method for external testing. The fact that keto is now a craze brings out scammers willing to put inferior products into the marketplace to take your money with no benefit to your health.

The most practical product I’ve bought and used so far is from the “Spectrum” brand. I use Spectrum coconut oil  in the 54 oz. size for cooking. Spectrum also has coconut oil packets, which are handy if you are wanting to cook elsewhere, but are not excited about lugging a big container around with you.  Both are unrefined and organic. Prices are about $32 and $20, respectively. As of today, I haven’t been able to use my whole 54 oz. bottle in the 3-4 months I’ve had it.

I only recommend products I’ve either used or have research to my satisfaction. I am a member of a couple of affiliate programs, so, if you follow any of my links and buy anything, I may make a dime. Needless to say, selling products is not the reason this website exists nor is it a major source of my income.

I will be posting reviews of specific products as I continue my own journey.

Please feel free to comment or leave information on products you have found useful-


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