Setting Goals for Your New Lifestyle-start to day 90…

Acknowledge your starting point…
But know where you are going…

Being honest with yourself and where you are in your life is essential to starting your keto journey.  Be sure you are internally commited to the journey.

Use your Carb Manager app to input your initial measurements. Join an online keto group that has a blog or comment section (I’m in a beginning keto group on Facebook), so that you can communicate with others facing the same issues as you are dealing with.

Concentrate on setting up your eating parameters and implementing your meal plans for a couple of weeks. Check your macros in your Carb Manager. Do not weigh. Regularly take any supplements you and your physician agreed upon and drink as much water as you can tolerate. Don’t worry about exercising during this time period. Don’t perseverate on your plan-just follow it!

If you’ve made it for two weeks, and if you feel good, keep going…for another two weeks.

If you’ve experienced difficulties, such as lethargy, leg cramps, constipation, etc., look for support from your group, and communicate with your physician for advice. (My doctor wasn’t all that familiar with keto, but he was supportive of my attempts. I did briefly have to increase my carbs because I felt bad). Try to stay the course, even if you’ve had issues. They will eventually clear up! My personal experience was that I felt bad for the first six weeks or so and then, overnight, it seemed I passed some barrier and felt good. Thank goodness-

When you reach the month mark, weigh and record it.

And then, sit down and make an  assessment. Have you been honest with your plan? Did you cheat? Are you satisfied with your efforts so far? Do you feel ok? Can you continue? Are you satisfied with your results so far?

If you decide to continue, it is time to set your first goal. Mine was to weigh 200 pounds. Your first goal needs to be short term and achieveable based on your first month’s results.  As I recall, I lost 9 pounds my first month or so, and my goal was to get to 200 pounds within the next couple of months.  Be realistic in your hopes and dreams. It is a marathon, not an all out sprint. Then, set your goal, follow your food parameters, and be consistent. Enjoy your life.

ketogenic diet macros pyramid food diagram, low carbs, high healthy fat

Hopefully, during month two you feel good and hit a stride on your manner of eating. Explore some new recipes online and make fat bombs for days you need more fat in your diet. Try new combinations in meals and experiment with new dishes. Develop a “go to” meal. Do not add exercise in your regimen yet. For most of us, it’s too early for strenuous activity.

On day 60, weigh again and record results in your Carb Manager app. And, yes, sit down and once again assess your situation. Feeling good? Making progress? Have you found out anything new about yourself and your tendencies? Are you going to continue with keto? How did you do with your goal? Do you need to adjust it or have you achieved it? If you did achieve it, congratulations! Now set a second one-

On day 90, weigh again and record your results. And, yes, sit down and assess yourself again!

If you have been able to stick with your eating plan easily and you feel good, start exercising a couple of times a week. I would suggest yoga, walking, weight-training, or water aerobics, to try to maintain muscle tone, flexibility, and strength. If these activities aren’t your style, do those that are your “thing.” Perhaps your daily activity is enough that you don’t need or want to add anything else. That’s fine. Just be certain you are being active enough to burn through your daily intake of calories, which, for most of us, will be 1200-1400/day.

Keep as active as you can while continuing to meet food parameters

Continue to read and research  ketogenic eating. Don’t become complaisent or cocky!  This is the time to explore new recipes and to hone in on those you enjoy most. You have made it for ninety days! Try some new fat bombs and desserts!

Remember that , as a senior, your progress may be slower than a younger individual’s and that you may experience some setbacks. It’s perfectly ok to pace yourself.  You should be enjoying the rush of feeling better and knowing you are doing this for yourself. If you do not feel better after this three month period, it is time to go see your doctor and find out if others issues are at play.