Snacking during Keto Living

Frankly put, snacking can be an issue while on any lifestyle. We often snack out of boredom or nervousness. Hopefully, though, we are all snacking to try to keep on blood sugar levels even or to prevent low blood sugar levels from hypoglycemia.

Previous to having braces put on at the age of 65, my “go to” snack was walnuts bought from either Trader Joe’s or Sam’s Club. A serving of about six whole walnuts has 200 calories or so and good fat content. Now that I’m unable to bite down on hard items I’ve gone more to guacamole and a Diabetic Kitchen muffin.

Portion size is an issue with us Americans even when we are snacking. I have found that six bites of anything is enough to satiate. Any more than that is usually lack of self-control, or just a need to keep putting something in our mouths.

Remember to drink water when snacking. We often confuse hunger with thirst.

Here is another thing I like to do. Get a handful of shredded cheese, place on parchment paper and spread it out. Cook on 375 degrees for 8 minutes.  Peel it off and place in a muffin cup and let it set a couple of minutes. Then, put whatever suits you in the cup on top of it and eat it. I put cubed chicken and sour cream in mine-

Fat bombs are good for “targeted snacking,” if you have eaten more protein on a specific day and need to catch up on fat grams.

If you are a “grab and go” type, just stock string cheese in your refrigerator for quick snacks. Or buy cut celery sticks and eat them with almond butter, cream cheese, or another favorite. Or keep boiled eggs handy-

Don’t overthink snacking. It’s not rocket science. And, if you aren’t hungry and are feeling fine, skip it…



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